Dimension Jump ’95

Dimension Jump ’95 has the unique honour of featuring in part on the Smeg Outs VHS and Just The Smegs DVD.

In addition to the familiar segments included on those releases, highlights also included a Q&A with Red Dwarf co-creator Doug Naylor, during which he discussed production of the now-infamous US pilot.

Oh, it was supposed to be wonderful. We were meant to go over to the States and see the sights while they got on with it all. We’d go looking around and maybe come back once in a while to check Rimmer’s H was straight. As it turned out everything went wrong. There were far too many rewrites, and the guy they got in for Lister, Craig Bierko, well, he was so out of place. It was like trying to imagine Craig Charles in Baywatch! Eventually we did a rewrite and showed it to everyone but the producers didn’t want to go with it. It went to vote and it was decided we’d do that one, but they wouldn’t allow us to rehearse it! We wound up shooting it in a garage somewhere after the producer was sacked.


Alan ‘Rocky’ Marshall

Craig Charles

Danny John-Jules

Doug Naylor

Hattie Hayridge

Mel Bibby

Mike Tucker

Norman Lovett

Paul McGuinness

Robert Llewellyn


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