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We’re thrilled to announce The Promised Land’s ruthless feral leader, Rodon, will be joining us in February 2021 for Dimension Jump XXI. Please welcome Ray Fearon to the Red Dwarf family.… Read More

He’ll be there to regale you with amusing stories of when he was treasurer of the Hammond Organ Owners’ Society. Yes, we’re delighted to announce that Chris Barrie will be joining us in Nottingham in February 2021 for Dimension Jump XXI. We might have a few more special guests lined up but, with 10 months… Read More

We may all have to wait a little longer for Dimension Jump XXI (if you missed the news, see Dimension Jump XXI postponed), but the TORDFC team is working hard to put a fantastic weekend together for you – the good news is we have managed to confirm all previously announced guests for the new… Read More

The team at The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club always strives to make Dimension Jump the very best it can be and we know how important it is to so many people, many of whom travel from around the world to attend. We always put the health, safety and wellbeing of our attendees and guests… Read More

The ever popular and super lovely The Shend will be joining us once again at Dimension Jump XXI. Series VIII’s Warden Knot is always a hit with guests so we’re delighted to have him return once again.… Read More

I’m sure you’ll have nothing to criticise about the awesome Joe Sims, who will be making his Dimension Jump debut in February 2021. Joe is perhaps most famous for his role in ITV’s Broadchurch, but we of course know him for his epic tutting as Tutt Johnson in Series XII’s Timewave. We’re thrilled to have… Read More

Mike Tucker, Alan ‘Rocky’ Marshall and Nick Kool, the geniuses behind many of Red Dwarf‘s most spectacular effects, will once again be joining us for this year’s Red Dwarf convention in Nottingham. Previously, they have delighted fans with fantastic insight into their model-making process, shared rare behind-the-scenes images, and last year brought along a fantastic… Read More

The man who earned the title ‘Bachelor of Sanitation’ from Toilet University, Captain Bog-bot himself will be on hand at Dimension Jump to help with all your cleaning, cooking and ironing needs. If you’ve managed to block your toilet again after sampling one of Mr Lister’s curries, he’ll be there to help! Of course we’re… Read More

As they always say, two heads are better than one! So thankfully, the wonderful Hattie Hayridge will be joining Norman Lovett at Dimension Jump XXI to complete the Holly duo. Hattie is always a highlight for attendees with her deadpan comedy and witty stories, so we’re thrilled to have her back again next year.… Read More

We are thrilled to announce the first official guest at Dimension Jump XXI. It’s the face of the most prolific lover who ever lived, the wonderful and hilarious Norman Lovett, who will be joining us once again in Nottingham. Norman returned to Dimension Jump at last year’s DJXX for the first time since 2006, and… Read More