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This evening, as Dimension Jump XXI’s Opening Ceremony came to a close, The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club (TORDFC) team finally revealed DJ XXI’s worst-kept secret: Johnny Vegas (Crit Cop, Timewave) is making a surprise guest appearance at this year’s Red Dwarf convention. Johnny Vegas is one of the highest profile comedians to guest star… Read More

Did someone turn two pages at once? It may be less than a week until we open the DJ XXI registration desk for the first time at the Crowne Plaza in Nottingham, but we couldn’t start the weekend without welcoming the support from two returning guests from 2018’s 30th anniversary Dimension Jump. That’s right, Red… Read More

As previously announced, due to work commitments, Robert Llewellyn (Kryten) is no longer able to attend Dimension Jump XXI in person this year. However, we are delighted to confirm today that his inimitable presence will still be felt as he’ll be beaming in to the convention for a live audience Q&A via Zoom. We’re also… Read More

As previously announced, to ensure the safety of all Dimension Jump XXI attendees, guests and staff – and in line with the majority of large events in the UK – you’ll be required to show proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 or proof that you’ve tested negative for COVID-19 within 48 hours of arriving at… Read More

With less than two weeks to go, The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club (TORDFC) are thrilled to reveal two additional guests for Dimension Jump XXI: Lee Cornes (Paranoia, Confidence and Paranoia) and Ian Boldsworth (Steve, M-Corp). Lee Cornes To Red Dwarf fans, Lee is best known as a figment of Lister’s imagination made solid in… Read More

Update (02-Oct-2021): These miniatures are now available to purchase directly from Master Crafted Minatures’ website: The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club are delighted to announce that a brand new set of Red Dwarf miniatures will be available to purchase at Dimension Jump XXI (DJ XXI). Featuring your favourite characters from a selection of Red… Read More

As announced on Grant Naylor Productions’ official Red Dwarf website earlier today, with just three weeks to go, The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club team are thrilled to confirm that fan-favourite felis sapien Danny John-Jules (Cat) will be skating in to Dimension Jump XXI in September 2021. Danny invariably delights DJ attendees with his distinctive… Read More

Series XII and The Promised Land’s graphic designer Matthew Clark will be making his Red Dwarf convention debut in September 2021 as he joins our already mighty damn fine top-notch guest list for Dimension Jump XXI. While Matthew is a relatively new face to Red Dwarf, he’s had a significant impact on the show’s recent… Read More

With just one month to go until Dimension Jump XXI, we want to reassure attendees that we’re doing everything we can to ensure the safety of all attendees, guests and staff during the event. COVID-19: Precautions and recommendations from TORDFC While the UK Government has lifted almost all restrictions surrounding the reduction of transmission risk,… Read More

The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club team wishes to extend their love and best wishes to everyone in the fan community (and beyond) that have been affected by the devastating impact of the ongoing pandemic. While we’re seeing restrictions in this country being lifted by the UK government, when it comes to Dimension Jump XXI… Read More