Johnny Vegas surprises DJ XXI attendees

This evening, as Dimension Jump XXI’s Opening Ceremony came to a close, The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club (TORDFC) team finally revealed DJ XXI’s worst-kept secret: Johnny Vegas (Crit Cop, Timewave) is making a surprise guest appearance at this year’s Red Dwarf convention.

A portrait of Johnny Vegas, in character as Timewave's Crit Cop

Johnny Vegas is one of the highest profile comedians to guest star on Red Dwarf, and we are thrilled he’s making his DJ debut this weekend. As a Red Dwarf fan himself – notably declaring that his appearance in the show was “a big old tick off the bucket list” – we’re sure he’ll regale us with many an amusing tale of his time spent aboard the small rouge one.

Following Enconium laws, we ask DJ attendees to refrain from criticising, castigating, chiding, blaming, harping, panning and scoffing for the duration of Johnny’s stay.