DJ XXI – COVID-19 precautions and recommendations

With just one month to go until Dimension Jump XXI, we want to reassure attendees that we’re doing everything we can to ensure the safety of all attendees, guests and staff during the event.

COVID-19: Precautions and recommendations from TORDFC

While the UK Government has lifted almost all restrictions surrounding the reduction of transmission risk, we are still living with COVID-19, so we do still need to take some measures to reduce risk:

  • EVERY attendee will be required to either prove they are double-vaccinated, or produce proof of a negative Lateral Flow Test taken within 48 hours of arriving at DJ. We appreciate your patience if this makes the Registration Desk a little slower than normal.
  • Anyone presenting with Covid-19 symptoms, or who has tested positive for the virus within the 48 hours prior to DJ, or are required to self-isolate (only applicable to those not double-vaccinated in the UK), are asked to stay away from the event. Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds in these instances.
  • We encourage the use of face coverings/masks throughout the event, particularly when queueing for the autograph sessions and photo shoots (you can remove your mask for the photo!). We also ask that attendees wear their face coverings/masks during the Coffee Lounge sessions and during the DJ Olympics.
  • We will be wiping down high-traffic areas with sanitising wipes at regular intervals (e.g. the main hall doors, microphones, tables).
  • Wherever possible, we have reduced the number of attendees allowed in certain smaller areas at any one time. This includes the autograph sessions and photo shoots, as well as a limit on the number of people in the merchandise room at any one time. Instead of groups of 50, you will be called in smaller groups of 25 to come and get your autographs.
  • In the autograph room, there will be markers on the floor one metre away from the guests, to keep everyone safe (as we know guests love a natter as much as we do!). DJ staff are on hand to take photos (with your own phone/camera) from the marker (you may remove your mask for this). We expect all attendees to respect personal boundaries of our guests and not attempt to make physical contact. Please respect the decision of any guest that has chosen not to do selfies at this time – you can also purchase a professional photo at Registration.
  • Please practice good hygiene and wash your hands regularly (remember to sing the Red Dwarf theme tune!). Hand sanitiser will be available at a number of locations around Dimension Jump, but bring your own if needed.
  • Contactless payment will be available in the Merchandise Room.
  • We will try to keep the DJ experience alive as much as possible while reducing risk where we can. Please respect our efforts, your fellow attendees, the guests and the hotel staff, and help us to keep DJ Covid-free.

The TORDFC team will continue to monitor the covid situation prior to the event and assess our procedures, so please be mindful that these rules may change at short notice and we ask all attendees to please be aware of the most recent procedures when attending the event.


How will you verify my COVID-19 status?

Please see our COVID-19 status guide.