Dimension Jump XXI – June 2021 UPDATE

The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club team wishes to extend their love and best wishes to everyone in the fan community (and beyond) that have been affected by the devastating impact of the ongoing pandemic. While we’re seeing restrictions in this country being lifted by the UK government, when it comes to Dimension Jump XXI (DJXXI), our priority as ever is keeping everyone safe, as well as adhering to the prevailing law. We also want everyone to be able to enjoy the full event without having to compromise on autograph sessions, photo shoots, Coffee Lounges, and other activities that make the weekend so unique.

As it stands today, we are on course to see final restrictions that affect legal event capacities, including social distancing, lifted on 19th July 2021.

On the advice and guidance of the DJXXI venue and hotel management, the event will go ahead on 10th-12th September 2021, as planned.

It is extremely important to note, however, that the UK government may choose to further delay the date on which restrictions are lifted. This means that we may need to reschedule Dimension Jump XXI once more – possibly at extremely short notice. Currently, we are under contract with the hotel to go ahead in September, but their guidance is subject to change in line with UK law. Any change would be entirely out of our control, but rest assured any booked passes would be carried over to the new date, and we would work with the hotel again to re-book your rooms – we promise it will be smooth with a capital SMOO.

For our international attendees, we cannot predict what will happen with regards to guidance on international travel and quarantine requirements after 19th July, which may affect your ability to come to DJXXI in September. If you are currently under travel restrictions, and you wish to cancel your pass based on the information available to you now, please contact tordfc.dj@gmail.com.

Please keep checking our social media channels (TwitterFacebookInstagram) for more information on how we are responding to the ever-changing situation, as well as updates on the guest line-up. If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us on email or on social media. We will see you in September – we have everything crossed!