Robert Llewellyn confirmed for DJ XXI

Update (03-Sep-2021): Unfortunately, due to work commitments, Robert Llewellyn is no longer able to attend DJ XXI in person this year; he will, however, be beaming in to the convention for a live Q&A via Zoom.

The man who earned the title ‘Bachelor of Sanitation’ from Toilet University, Captain Bog-bot himself will be on hand at Dimension Jump to help with all your cleaning, cooking and ironing needs. If you’ve managed to block your toilet again after sampling one of Mr Lister’s curries, he’ll be there to help!

Of course we’re only joking – we wouldn’t dream of putting Bobby through all that!

Kryten actor Robert Llewellyn will once again be delighting fans at Dimension Jump and we’re so thrilled to have him back. And with new Dwarf on the horizon, there’ll no doubt be so much to talk about.

N.B. All guests appear subject to professional availability.