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The Fan Club are pleased to announce that the inimitable Chris Barrie will be joining us at the anniversary Dimension Jump, in just a few short weeks!… Read More

The Fan Club are yet again humbled and delighted to announce that the one and only Robert Llewellyn will be taking his rightful place at the anniversary Dimension Jump table. Robert barely needs an introduction to those of you reading this, but he has been with the show since series 3 in 1989 and since then has not missed a… Read More

A dumper update of guests this time around, as we get closer and closer to the big weekend! Chloë Annett, Mac McDonald and Tony Slattery will all be joining us over the weekend. Chloë was with the show throughout series VII and VIII as the second, and more permanent, incarnation of Kochanski as well as… Read More

We’re happy to announce that one of the longest standing guest stars in the show’s history will be making an appearance this October – the one and only Mac McDonald AKA Captain Hollister! Not only that but Ian Boldsworth, AKA the bargainous Steve from Red Dwarf XII episode M-Corp, will also be joining us in Nottingham… Read More

Deck the halls with some Hollies! Well, you know the countdown to the next Dimension Jump is truly on the way when the guest announcements start, so we thought we’d kick things off with a special two-for-one offer. Longstanding DJ regular and favourite Hattie Hayridge will once again be joining us for the fun, and this time… Read More