Chloë Annett, Mac McDonald and Tony Slattery join the party!

A dumper update of guests this time around, as we get closer and closer to the big weekend! Chloë Annett, Mac McDonald and Tony Slattery will all be joining us over the weekend.

Chloë was with the show throughout series VII and VIII as the second, and more permanent, incarnation of Kochanski as well as also making a comeback appearance for the emotional Back to Earth finale. Chloë is also well known for her starring role in the unique TV series Crime Traveller, alongside Michael French. She’s always a popular and entertaining guest and we can’t wait to catch up with her again.

Mac is a Dimension Jump legend at this point and always manages to steal the show whenever he attends. He’s of course also a veteran of the show himself, with stints as guest star in all three of the show’s major eras, and currently holds the honour of being the only guest star to have appeared in both the first and most recent episode to date.

Tony will be known to Red Dwarf fans as the voice of Brook in Kryten’s favourite TV show Androids and of course the vengeful vending machine that apparently kills Rimmer in series VIII’s Only The Good…